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Flagship Project

Special Education Consortium (SpEC)

Case Studies

NPNO Special Education Initiative

  THE CHALLENGE   Our New Orleans school system is unlike any other in the United...

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Mental and Behavioral Health

  NPNO CHNOLA Project Louisiana ranks last across many social determinants of health, with minority children...

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Supporting Special Education programming in all New Orleans public schools


A consortium of nonprofit organizations and government entities that collectively support education services, programming, and curriculum in New Orleans public schools.  Co-chaired by NPNO, a neutral intermediary organization, and a representative of the school community.

SpEC’s Mission & Vision

Through collaboration, alignment, and open communication, SpEC will ensure that New Orleans’ schools offer exceptional special education programming, supports, services, and opportunities that meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities, preparing students for further education, employment, independent living, and community involvement.

SpEC’s Goal

Generate a shared strategy and narrative of a comprehensive support system that will ensure access and improve outcomes for all students with disabilities across New Orleans.