Early 2016

Louisiana State Superintendent of Education John White convened a series of meetings with school leaders to better understand the most significant challenges impeding the success of children in New Orleans. The meetings revealed a need for more systemic and sustainable solutions and for effective collaboration across a variety of sectors to address these challenges.

Founder of New Orleans Summerbridge (now New Orleans Breakthrough program) and former head of FirstLine Schools (New Orleans’ oldest charter school organization), Jay Altman, developed the idea for New Pathways New Orleans to create city wide clarity, add capacity to youth serving organizations and catalyze effective change in pursuit of solutions.

Jay Altman recruited fellow co-founders, Melissa Sawyer, Founder and Executive Director of the Youth Empowerment Project, and Anthony Recasner, CEO of Agenda for Children.

The co-founders then recruited a founding board compromised of:

Alison Hartman – Principal of The Hartman Group, LLC

Kunjan Narechania – Assistant State Superintendent for Louisiana Department of Education–Recovery School District

JonathanWilson – VicePresident, Mortgage, LibertyBank

MaryGarton – Assistant Superintendent, Orleans Parish School Board

Adewale Oyemade – Secretary – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, River Oaks Hospital, LLC